The founding of Ming Tai High School can be traced back to 1932, when Mr. Lin Shian-Tang first organized “Yi-Shin Association”. After the establishment of Yi-Shin Association, Yi-Shin Private School, the predecessor of MingTai High School, was founded the next year to inspire the local people and promote Sinology.


The changing development of MingTai High School is listed as following:

  • In 1949, “Private Lai Yuan High School” had been permitted to set up.

  • In 1976, the school was moved into Lai Yuan and renamed as ”Private Ming Tai Business Vocational High School”.

  • In 1991, Mr. Lin Jeng-Guang was elected as the president and Ms. Lin Fang-Ying as executive board member. In 1997, Mr. Lin Chuei-Yi, a renowned scholar in aesthetics, had been invited to be the principle.

  • In 2001, the school was permitted to transform into a comprehensive high school and was renamed “Ming Tai High School”.

Today, approximately 5000 students have enrolled the school each year. Adhere to the spirit inherited from Mr. Lin Shian-Tang and Mr. Lin Jeng-Guang, Ms. Lin Fang-Ying, the current president of MingTai High School, is dedicating herself in preserving the magnificent historical heritage of the Lin Family and extending the delicate Taiwanese culture.

In accordance with the government’s policy to internationalize education, overseas study tour and culture exchange activities are held regularly to provide chances for students to connect with the world. In addition, the school is also uniting with local government and cultural industry to foster the school features in tourism, hospitality and recreational industry.