The School of Continuing Education

There are four departments in the School of Continuing Education. There are five classes in each grade.
The departments are listed as following:

※ Dept. of Beautification
1. Curriculum design
(1) Programs are emphasized in cosmetics science, professional knowledge of overall make-up design, beauty care and hair-styling skills.
(2) Classes in areas of beauty posing, hair styling and overall make-up are designed to cultivate students’ professional aesthetic and artistic senses.
(3)Certain topics of cosmetics are provided for students to develop their abilities in critical thinking and teamwork research conducting.

2. Learning activities
(1)Site visits and tours to various beauty enterprises and colleges are arranged periodically to meet the curriculum requirement and educational purpose.
(2) Invite well-known professionals and experts in cosmetology to give presentations or lectures to update students’ knowledge in industrial information and learning experiences.

※Dept. of Restaurant Management
1. General goals:
(1) Learn the basic knowledge and skills in Chinese Cooking, Western Cooking, Baking, Beverage and Cocktail Preparation, and Vegetables and Fruit Sculpturing.
(2) Train students the professional skills of hospitality services.
(3) Embed the students with professional morality and ethics.
2. Department activities:
(1) Professional clubs: Chinese Cooking Club, Baking Club, Sugar Decoration Art Club and Hospitality Service Club.
(2). Encourage students to join the National Skills Competition in hospitality services and cooking related field. The students have already won four championships in National Skills Competition over past five years.

※Dept. of Tourism Industry
1. Curriculum Design
(1) Professional language courses: Tourism English, Hospitality English
Conversation, and Hospitality Japanese Conversation.
(2) Basic and Professional tourism courses: Introduction to Hospitality, Introduction to Tourism, Tourism Administration and Laws, Tourism Geography, International Etiquette, and Custom and Culture
(3) The Hospitality Management: Hotel Management, and Guest Rooms Practice.
(4) The Travel and Recreation planning: Tourism Practice, Travel Agency Practice, Practice of Tour Leading and Tour Guiding, and International Airline Ticketing, Interpretation Education.
(5) Introduction to Food and Beverage Management: Beverage and Cocktail Preparation, Chinese Cooking, Western Cooking, Food and Beverage Practice, and Service Skills in Hospitality

2. Learning Activities
(1) Site visits and tours to various kinds of hotels, amusement parks, national park visitor centers and colleges are arranged periodically to meet the curriculum requirement and educational purposes.

※ Dept. of Data Processing
1. Curriculum design
First Grade: Typing, Accounting and Word Processing.
Second Grade: Multi-media Design, Database Management, Web page Design, Programming Language, Introduction to Business Management, Economics, and Advanced Accounting Practice.
Third Grade: Project Study, Basic Theories of Network, PowerPoint Design, Electronic Commerce, Networking and Accounting Information System.